Ель колючая Бэби Блю Айс - Picea pungens Baby Blue Eyes.
baby blue eyes - "детские голубые глаза" (англ.)

Полукарлик с пирамидальной формой кроны.
Годовой прирост ели 15-20 см., высота в 20 лет до .
Цвет хвои голубой.

Common name: Baby Blue Colorado Spruce.

Height (on average): 4.5 m
Spread (on average): 2.5 m
Crown shape: conical
Foliage color: silver, blue
Hardy Zone: 2 - 8
Description 1: Baby Blue Eyes Spruce is a conical-shaped, fully branched selection of Colorado Spruce with a uniform growth habit and intense blue needles. On the average it will grow upward about 8 inches per year compared to some Colorado Spruce that can grow as much as 12 to 18 inches upward per year. Since it is a grafted plant , the growth rate can vary depending on the rootstock (understock) that it is grafted on to. It is most commonly grafted on to Picea abies (Norway Spruce) because of the vigorous root system that allows for better transplanting. Some trees that have been reported to be "dwarf" probably were grafted on to a less vigorous root system. All in all it is a very beautiful tree with a very appealing name that should be considered to be a semi-dwarf tree.
Description 2: In the nursery industry the spruce variant ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ is sold for its eye catching silvery blue foliage and smaller landscape size making it more desirable for confined spaces.
This cultivar of Colorado spruce is considerably slower growing than the native species, attaining a mature height of 30’ and a width of 15’. It only grows at the rate of 2”-3” per year. It features stiff, 4-sided, prickly needles arranged radially on orange-brown shoots. The tree shape is defined as broadly pyramidal.

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