Ель обыкновенная Элеганс - Picea abies Elegans.
elegans - "элегантный"(лат.)

Высокая быстрорастущая ель, достигает высоты до 30м.
Крона пирамидальная.
Хвоя ярко-зеленая.
Солнцелюбива, предпочитает хорошо дренированные почвы.
Часто используется как ветрозащитная.

Common name: Elegans Dwarf Norway Spruce
Height: 13.7m - 30.5m
Spread: 7.6m - 9.1m
Crown shape: pyramidal
Foliage color: bright green
Hardy Zone: 3 - 8
Description: Native to Europe, this large, fast growing, pyramidal evergreen with drooping branchlets and long brown cones is one of the most widely planted hardy conifers. Its graceful habit and rich green foliage provide year-round ornamental interest. The short, sharp-tipped needles point forward. The bark is grayish-brown with orange undertones. Many cultivars are available, including numerous dwarf selections. Like most spruces, this adaptable tree prefers full sun and moderately moist, well drained soil. Use it for screening and windbreaks or as a specimen in a spacious landscape to best enjoy this tree's drooping branches and impressive size.

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